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Insurance solutions for elevator contractors, inspectors, consultants, distributors and manufacturers.

Hundred of insureds and happy customers.

Over 40 years in the elevator insurance industry.

Proven track record of experience and excellence.

National Elevator Insurance Solutions

We have been creating comprehensive insurance and risk management products for the elevator industry for over 40 years.

Our mission is to provide you with the best coverage, excellent service and protect you when it comes to handling claims. 

National Elevator Insurance Solutions is a premier provider of insurance solutions for elevator contractors, inspectors, consultants, distributors and manufacturers.

What Sets Us Apart

Exclusive Coverage Enhancements

We’ve reviewed hundreds of contracts and tailored policies to include the coverage you are being required to carry. Taking this one step further, we also offer coverage extensions that will better protect your business in case of a loss. Our coverage enhancements are unmatched in the industry

40+ Years Insuring Elevators

For over 40 years, our office has solely focused on insuring the elevator industry. The majority of our employees have over 20 years of experience in arranging insurance for customers involved in various aspects of the elevator industry.

Experienced Elevator Claims Handling

Elevator accidents can be serious, so the expert handling of the claim is critical. At National Elevator Insurance Solutions, you have a Defense Team consisting of claims handlers, attorney’s, adjustors, investigators and industry experts all with years of elevator specific experience handling claims. The experience of this Defense Team is unmatched in the industry.

Competitive Rates

On a countrywide basis, we consistently offer competitive pricing based on your specific operation.

Elevator Insurance Coverage

General Liability

Excess Liability

Workers’ Compensation



Professional Liability


Health Insurance


Yes, our carriers are nationally recognized leaders in underwriting Program Business.

Everyone at the National Elevator Insurance Solutions is happy to work with your local agent. The relationship with your local agent is one of comfort, security and mutual respect.

Traditionally premiums start at $4,000 and go up from there. The workers’ compensation policy has a minimum premium per classification. These minimums vary from state to state.

For most contractors and inspectors, the premium is based on the field labor payroll and subcontracting cost. Field labor payroll consists of mechanics, helpers, supervisors, inspectors and shop personnel. Payrolls of office/clerical, sales and drivers are not typically included in the premium calculations of the liability policy. For most manufacturers and distributors, the premium is based on gross sales of the company.

There is no cost for Certificates of Insurance. Certificates of Insurance are a priority item in our office. Many times a contract is held up from being signed, pending receipt of the certificate. Sometimes, payment is withheld until a certificate is produced. We typically issue certificates on the same day they are requested.

There is no cost for the standard additional insured endorsement to be added onto your liability policy. We do require to know the relationship between you and the additional insured, such as building owner, real estate management company, GC, etc.

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